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Pharmaceutical Machines » Tablet Section
The equipment is based on vacuum rated design for inline shifting operations.
Our vibro shifter operations are based on unbalanced vibro motor.
The product has detachable sieve design to satisfy various user requirements.
It is generally mount over heavy duty spring and strong metal plate.
The contact parts of machine are based on SS – 316 standards and non contact parts manufacturing is based on SS – 304 standards.
The gasket seals are especially made from food grade sealing.
The product has trolley based design to allow easy materials flow.
The equipment has low noise levels when compared to traditional equipments.
This is easy to clean or maintain machine parts without any use of spanner.
There is manual charging facility to facilitate manual loading.
The final output may vary from 100 to 150 kgs based on material size and density.
Material charging pot will be provided for Manual loading
Output will be approximately 100 to 150 Kgs./ Hour depending upon the mesh size and material density
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