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Strip packing machine India is largely suitable to pack different Pharma products, confectionary products, food items or other similar products for multiple industries worldwide. The machine has the capability to handle wide range of products with extreme care and precision. The products passed through machine one by one and striped carefully for final release in market. The process is fully automatic and it takes less time to complete it.

We always make visual inspection of product before its actual implantation and final delivery to clients. It is tested on multiple products to assure efficiency and effective packaging. In case of any manufacturing defect, it is sent to maintenance team again for relevant modifications. After making changes, it is again inspected by team and sent to clients. These stringent checks make our products most trusted and reliable in the industry.

Strip Packing Machine are high speed machines are that especially designed to pack tablets, capsules in long strips. The most common combination is strip of 4, 6, 10 etc. You just need to configure machine operations to use in your favor. It not only speeds up operations but assures quality strip packing for the products. Now pharmaceutical products are 100 percent safe in use and they will not intact with harsh environmental conditions.

The quality packing is the reason that single product can be used for years. This is the reason Strip packing machine in India has become primary concern to focus by plenty of businesses across world. At Sonus International, we are proud manufacturers of Strip Packing Machine and other similar products to give flexible range of products to our clients. We strongly adhere to strict quality lines that make us most suitable choice for different types of pharmaceutical machines. They are even easy to operate and no maintenance is required in most of the cases.

Application Areas OF Strip Packing Machine India

  • Strip Packing Machine India Is Comprehensively Used To Tablets Packing.
  • Strip Packing Machine Is Used In Packing Capsules, Caplets and Coated Tablets.
  • This Strip Packing Machine In India Also Used To Packing Supari, Pan Masala, Tobacco, Refills, Battery Cells, Bearings, Oil Packing And Chocolates.
  • Strip Packing Machine Has a Amazing Flexibility to Suits Client’s Whole Packaging Requirements.
capsule packing machine india
strip packing machine
capsule packing machine india
capsule packing machine india strip packing machine capsule packing machine india
The S-800 is high-speed capsule packing machine India as well as is designed packing tablets, capsules, Manual Capsule Filling Machines or related products. The fundamental simplicity operation provides wide range of products as well as high-quality capsule strip sealing.
Auto feeding, slitting, cutting, and sealing are done all together. Therefore, the effectiveness is higher meaning the production costing is decreased because of reduction of the labor cost.
The outside of machine is done from stainless steel that makes that easy to become cleaned as well as meet the cG.M.P.
Compressed and constructed merely, the machine may be maintained very easily, operating with lower sound downtime is little.
While packing the operation is concluded, the produce shall be completely sealed as well as beautifully looked with. It certainly promotes quality of product.
This is easy in operating as well as anybody may learn operation right away.
The die/mold may be replaced easily inside 20 minutes.
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