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Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials are the substances or elements that are used to manufacture wide range of drug formulations, tablets, capsules, injectable etc. The drugs are usually extracted from multiple sources and then they are converted into Pharmaceutical formulations for meaningful uses. The extraction sources for Pharmaceutical Raw Materials may be natural or synthetic in nature.

Today, plenty of raw materials that were extracted naturally earlier, today they are extracted synthetically. Bio-technology has become advanced and it also has increased number of options for drug extractions too. They are extracted synthetically because artificial pharma raw material manufacturers of these types of drugs is highly economical and safe in nature. Further, Raw Materials are prepared using varied acids, esters, and phenones, etc.

Pharmaceutical Raw Materials contain active Pharmaceutical ingredients that are also named as bulk active ingredients have desired Pharmacological affect on the body.By Mixing up Materials you can create many drug formulations by which you can made Tablets, Capsules and powder with the use of Various Pharma machines like Rapid Mixer Granulator, Tablet machines, Capsule machines. In other words, we can say that Pharmaceutical Raw Materials are inert substances that help in delivering active ingredients for different drug formulations.

Our Expertise In Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

  • Having strong presence in market, Sonus International is popular for manufacturing quality Pharmaceutical Raw Materials since decades.
  • We avail our raw material sampling at most favorable prices to most valued clients worldwide. We make sure raw materials are 100 percent safe in use and don’t case any side effects.
  • With prompt delivery of efficient active pharmaceutical ingredients, we are able to make strong presence in local and global market.
  • Our Pharmaceutical Raw Materials are always packed carefully to avoid chances of pilferage at the time of transit.
  • We are the most committed manufacturers and suppliers who always offer most advance intermediates to our clients.
  • We always manufacture our products accredited with international quality standards and delivered with full technical support to customers.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Types
Animal extracts that are concentrated from animal materials.
Drug intermediates – Synthetic drug formulation process
Herbal raw materials that is concentrated from herbal plants.
Pharmaceutical additive are active ingredients that help in producing different medicines.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
pharmaceutical raw materials products
Wide range of Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical Formulations, Chemicals, Packaging & Labeling Materials, These are used in Pharmaceutical, Food and Chemical Industries.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Packaging and Labeling Materials
Food Colours
pharmaceutical raw materials exporters
Tablets and Capsules
Liquids and Creams
Disinfectant Chemicals
Food Additives
Cosmetic Chemicals
PVC/PVDC, Alu/ Alu Foil, Aluminium foil, Printed as per the artwork of the buyer
Aluminium and Plastic Tubes
Bottles and Vials
Printed Cartons
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