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labeling machine manufacturers in india labeling machine exporters
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Introduction Of Labelling Machine Manufacturers
The main objective of labelling machines is to prepare label that can be quickly fixed on bottles. These labels are sticky in nature, you just have to peel then and fix on desired place. For precise pasting, one sticky roller is also made available by Labelling Machine Manufacturers to make it perfect matching with any shaped bottle. These are available in attractive designs and highly appealing too. The labeling machines are always manufactured by suing most sophisticated tools and technologies to meet international quality standards.

A stick label has various advantages like durable, long lasting and highly competent. It explains each and every aspect of product in brief including prices. This is the basic requirement by Company and widely used with various industry applications. Special offers and special scheme labels are designed separately to meet customer demands. We have a wide range of Pharma machines like Labelling machine, Strip packing machine and Capsule Printing Machine. Labeling Machine Manufacturers also offer custom solution where you can set sizes and shape of label according to project requirements.

We take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as leading Labelling machine manufacturers and suppliers in India. We make sure that our automatic labeling machines are always prepared using advanced tools and technologies only. Our each and every label machine is always manufactured under supervision of qualified expert team only. Stringent quality checks make our products more desirable among industries.

With our superior range of products, we are able to create satisfied customer based worldwide. Our continuous research, dedication and efforts are the reasons why we are able o establish ourselves trusted Labelling machine manufacturers in local and international markets. Further, our machines can also be utilized for different industrial apps for filling jars, bottles, or other containers etc. Some of highlighting features of our labeling machines include – perfect finishing, reliability, or dimensional accuracy etc.

labeling machine manufacturers in india labeling machine exporters
bottle labeling machine automatic sticky labeler labeling machine manufacturers in india
Detailed Product Description

We are reliable labelling machine manufacturers and exporters based in India selling ultra-quality Labelling machine to design and manufacturer labels that can be quickly fixed on to bottles. The sticky labels we manufacture at Sonus International can be fixed on to bottles with the help of sticky roller

labeling machine exporters The sticky labeler applies sticky roller to label on bottles.
bottle labeling machine It is a modern machine integrating mechanism
Brief Introduction
Being prominent name in the industry, we offer modern labelling machine mechanism assuring quality labels for customers. Either bottle is small sized or round in shape, label can be fixed with sticky rollers that are long lasting and appealing too. Our labelling machines with latest technologies has become most trustworthy working tool in the industry.

A sticky label is having the benefit of cleaning durableness, non-moldiness, and high competence. It is commonly used in medicine field, stationery, food stuff, light industry, cosmetics, chemical industry, etc.

What are the benefits?
Non-moldiness, cleaning durableness, and high competence

Application Areas
Medicine industries, food items, stationery, light industries, chemical industries and cosmetic products.

Our machine has the capability of attaching labels with all types of circular, small and vertical shaped products with immense adaptability.
automatic sticky labeler The machine adjusts speeds automatically and driven by bi-motor.
labeling machine manufacturers in india
It is featured with advanced step motor that can be controlled through photon-electricity.
labeling machine exporters The main features are highly sensitive and reliable positioning.
labeling machine exporters Assures legible and firm printing based in requirement.
bottle labeling machine Easy to operate and maintain
Major Technical Data
automatic sticky labeler
Productivity : 50 to 100 bottles every minute ( Production capacity may vary depends on length of label and diameter of bottle).
labeling machine manufacturers in india Power: 200W Total
labeling machine exporters Voltage: 220V 50HZ/60HZ, 110V(optional)
bottle labeling machine Dimensions : 2400mm*1350mm*1500mm
automatic sticky labeler Weight of machine :200Kg
labeling machine manufacturers in india Optional Coding system

Contact Sonus International, the leading labeling machine manufacturers for all your labeling machine requirements.
bottle labeling machine
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