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Pharmaceutical Machines » Tablet Section
Main housing fluidized bed chamber, filter bag housing, and retarding chamber are prepared using stainless steel corresponds to SS 316 grade.
There is an inspection window and light windows along with chamber that is perfectly sealed with tough glass.
Filter bad housing is fixed through SS fixing ring and usually equipped with inflatable seal
Electro-pneumatic signal devices for safe operations.
Electro-pneumatic signal devices for safe operations.
180 grit finished look is given to outer surface of container
Extra water is drained from bottom and easy to clean
PLC controls for basic and smooth functioning.
Basic equipments with PLC
Product Container
Stain less steel material correspond to grade SS 316 is used for product container.
Perforated air distribution facility for ease functioning.
There is one glass window also attached along with container.
There is one temperature measurement and control sensor assuring accuracy and better productivity.
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