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filter press manufacturers
filter press manufacturers india
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Available in frame and plate, membrane configurations, or recessed chamber, the SP Series generates hard filtered cakes for the infinite dewatering applications. The frame design incorporates rotating the pin-joint connectors for distribution of the hydraulic forces as well as plate shifter through fully automatic, encouraging parallel tracking, as well as defining plate alignment. The additional offerings incorporate drip trays, pump systems, safety equipment, and pipe manifolds.

We are the filter press manufacturers who introduce the whole new chain of advanced Filter Presses, sustaining the efficiency and dependability of highest level to the customers who have developed to anticipate, we are capable for outstandingly longer services, cheaper operating costs, and lower maintenance.

As filter press manufacturers, our advanced new SP Series is guaranteed for outperforming the conventional solid/liquid separation systems. Accessible in frame and plate, membrane configurations or recessed chamber, the series includes exclusive engineering principals that are designed for producing highest solid filter cakes for unlimited dewatering applications. Any new frame designs incorporate rotating pin-joint connectors to even distribution for the hydraulic forces. Any maintenance-free plating shifter features completely automatic positive equivalent tracking as well as accurate plate alignment. Some extra standard value-added features incorporate pipe manifolds, pump systems, safety equipment, and drip trays. The SP Filter Presses are available in the model sizes 800, 1000 and 1200 respectively.

As filter press manufacturers, we produce filter presses which are extremely efficient devices, intended to separate the solids from the liquids, producing dry cakes as well as clear filtrate through combination of the feed pressure as well as special filter cloths and plates. The filtration system is used in all major industries including chemicals, mining, industrial and municipal waste treatment, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and petrochemicals processing.
filter press manufacturers india
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