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Every time we deliver different type of products to our clients, we focus on two major aspects. These are affordability and high quality standards. With our constant efforts and strict technical competencies, we are able to improve our manufacturing standards regularly. The best part is that our high technical products can be availed at fractional costs only. We offer special discounts to our customers in case of bulk orders.
Dies and Punches
Our dies and punches are always prepared under strict quality standards by following international quality program. We always focus on customer needs and demands to achieve maximum satisfaction. We use high quality raw materials to manufacture our products at exceptional prices that extend overall life of our dies and punches.
Manufacturing facility
Our state of art manufacturing facility and CNC technology makes us most reputed manufacturer in the industry. We are popular for manufacturing our products as per client needs and specifications. The custom solutions are always more demanding that enables us to deliver products with utmost quality and reliability.
Design technology
When technology and manufacturing practices combine together, it results into excellence and high competent products. At Sonus International, we opt for CAD design technology that assures top notch quality products with precise dimensions and attractive looks. Further, we regularly update our clients about project status and manufacturing process.

TO know more about our products and to get attractive discounts on bulk orders, contact our expert manufacturing right away. We are always ready to help our clients with amazing technology solutions throughout the day.
At Sonus international, we truly believe that strong communication makes you more successful and prominent in market, this is the reason we have established good relations with our customers. When it comes to failure, or poor tablet design, primary reason is lack of communication between two parties.

Tablet manufacturers should not overlook tablet design because it is key to the quality of the end product. Poor quality tablets are often caused by poor tablet design; and poor tablet design is often a result of poor communication.

Parameters For Getting Successful In Tablet Manufacturing
Research and development, good marketing tools and techniques, high productivity, packaging and reliable vendors.
Product Characteristics to Consider
Sticking, picking, lamination, capping, corrosive, abrasive, compressibility, temperature sensitivity
Benefits of Proper Tablet Design
- Solid tablet quality
- Maximize production
- Enhance product lifecycle
- Tablets are easily recognized, this builds brand equity and incorporates brand authentication
Common Tablet Shapes Common Tablet Profiles
Round Geometric Convex Convex & Bevel
Oval Modified Oval Flat Face Flat Face Bevel
Capsule Modified Capsule Compound Cup Modified Ball
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