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Pharmaceutical Machines » Tablet Section
Tablet Output 5,000 to 2,00,000 Tablets/ Hour (Depending upon size and speed)
Contact Parts Manufactured from Stainless Steel 316
Electric Power 0.18 KW, 3 Phase, 415 VAC, 50 Hz
Maximum Tablet Diameter 36 mm
Minimum Tablet Diameter 5 mm
Net Weight 115 Kgs
Overall Dimension 400 mm (L) X 400 mm (B) X 800 mm (H)
Through Put of Tablet 5 to 120 Seconds (Depending upon the size and speed)
Efficient De dusting and is suitable for high speed tablet machine
Tablet outlet speed will be of 26 to 35 second from top to bottom finally it depends up on shape size and weight of tablet
All the contact parts are manufactured from Stainless Steel SS 316
All the non-contact parts are manufactured from Stainless Steel SS 304
De Duster works on the principle of Rotary vibratory action
Single Phase- Un balance vibro-motor for better vibration amplitude
DOL Starter on the machine for ease of operation
Very low Electrical power consumption
Very low noise level No moving component, Hence almost maintenance free Height adjustment RAM
Assembly to adjust the Tablet Press output discharge
Do not require any tool for cleaning Tablet de-dusting route is geometrically designed as to achieve optimum de- dusting
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