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Pharmaceutical Machines

Introduction Of Capsule Printing Machine

We are leading Capsule printing machine Manufacturers and exporters based in India selling quality products like Strip packing machine, Blister Packing, capsule filling machines and Labelling Machine at most competitive prices.

We at Sonus International have designed and manufactured most efficient capsule printing machines to work at high speeds and they are easy to handle as well. Being reputed Capsule printing machine Manufacturers, Our machine has automatic operations that can be handled with ease always. They are also available various sizes and specifications to suit desirable production. The machine automatically feeds capsules, prints over it and ejects the final product.

Further, capsule printing Machine can also be configured to suit sizes of different products. You can also set the number of capsules that should be fed inside and printed properly. Capsules are fed, printed or ejected in less than a minute. The design of machine is so amazing and extremely functional that makes us most reputed Capsule printing machine Manufacturers in India and worldwide.

Capsule Printing Machine Manufacturers - Benefits

Protects your products from counterfeiting.
Medical errors get reduced
Data matrix or bar code can be printed over capsules.
Product can be easily distinguished.
Capsule Printing Machine Manufacturers - Major Features
Automatic printing facility for all sized capsules and tablets.
Printing facility for all sized tablets.
Sharp printing for both capsule and tablets.
Precise printing on all kinds of tablets/capsules – small sized, oval sized, round shaped, hexagonal, sugar coated, wax coated or film coated.
Air requirement is also very less from 10 psi to 75 psi only.
Highly quality pneumatic components are integrated for excellence performance.
Easy to operate, versatile and trouble free machine.
Longer shelf life due to shaft and hardened gears.
Capsule Printing Machine Exporters PRINT ON.....
Prints on almost all kinds of tablets/capsules – small sized, oval sized, round shaped, hexagonal, sugar coated, wax coated or film coated.
Prints on both sides on wide range of tablets.
45-50 Lakh/Kg. edible ink usage on continuously.
Edible Ink – IPA 20 % for capsules.
Edible Ink – IBA 20 % for tablets
Scrapper Blade - 48 HR Span/ Each. (May break on higher tighten).
Space Required: 9'L x 9'W x 8'H
Humidity : 40 Deg. - 50 Deg rh.
Air Condition : Required for sugar coated tablets / Capsules and Soft/Hard Gelatin Capsules.
Room/Space Required : 9'L x 9'W x 8'H
Lab Models and SP-XL Details Available upon Request
Capsule printing machine Manufacturers
Size CP-60/Shift Size CP-120/Shift
#0 3,60,000 #0 6,00,000
#1 4,00,000 #1 6,50,000
#2 4,48,000 #2 7,25,000
#3 4,48,000 #3 8,00,000
#12mm - 14mmØ 5,66,000 #11.5mmØ 13,25,000
#10mm - 12mmØ 6,40,000 #9mmØ 15,00,000
#8mm - 10mmØ 8,00,000 #7mmØ 16,50,000
#5mmØ 9,60,000    
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