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Detailed product description
Model SCQ – ll, the automatic ampoule vial washing machine is latest spermatic process highly suitable for both ampoule bottles and oral liquid bottles.
Robust structure, highly functional, easy to operate and maintenance costs are also very low.
Available in multiple specs and suitable for varied applications.
Best part is that can be used independently and into combination also.
Environmental friendly operations, low noise operations and pneumatic system adopted.
Washing time for bottles can be adjusted or controlled wisely.
Remaining water can be easily removed from automatic ampoule vial washing machine.
Advance washing process assuring minimum breakage rate for bottles.
G.M.P. verification tests can be passed easily and satisfied results too.
Operation Principle
Load the tray full of ampules inside machine and water will be sprayed out aver them automatically. As soon you notice start – up signal then press PLC control button. Now tray loaded with ampules will be poured inside machine and it will be washed by ultrasonic ware for around 25 seconds.

Then these ampules are further forwarded upper tray cylinder, rotated at 180 degree angle and moved their position downwards and washed with water and gas continuously.

At the end, gas is passed through to remove extra water from ampoules and drawn automatically. Now you can take ampoules out from transition tray.
Technical Perameters
Air Pressure : 0.35-0.45Mpa
Water Pressure : 0.3-0.4Mpa
Voltage : 380V, 50Hz
Electric Power : 3Kw
Qualifying rate of clear degree : 97%
Breaking rate of ampoules : 1%
Noise : 70db
Water consumption : 10 liter per plate(2ml ampoule)
Air consumption : 1.2m3/min
Overall : 3350x700x1700mm
Productive Capacity
Ampoule :
1ml : 20000pcs/h, 2ml : 20000pcs/h, 5ml :12000pcs/h, 10ml :10000pcs/h, 20ml : 5000pcs/h
Tubular-Antibiotic Bottle :
2ml : 20000pcs/h, 5ml : 16000pcs/h, 7ml : 12000pcs/h, 10ml : 12000pcs/h, 20ml : 7000pcs/h, 100ml : 2200pcs/h
Mould-Antibiotic Bottle :
5ml : 14000pcs/h, 7ml : 12000pcs/h, 12ml : 12000pcs/h, 50ml : 2200pcs/h
Liquid Oral Bottle :
10ml : 14000pcs/h, 20ml : 10000pcs/h
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