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Pharmaceutical Machines » Tablet Section
The contact parts and components for auto cater machines are prepared using stainless steel material corresponds to SS 316.
Other parts or non-contact parts are prepared using stainless steel material corresponds to SS 304.
Safety guards, doors and covers are sealed properly with a perfect grade technology.
Speed of pan varies from one to five RPM.
Process optimization is assured with perforated PAN and also reduces losses during process significantly.
There is tablet discharging facility via special diverter assembly.
Process visualization is assured with stainless steel featured with a glass door.
There is front entry facility and it is also possible to adjust spray angle.
Unnecessary powder is wiped away from bottom and easy to clean through tri-clover joints.
Fluorescent Light facility is also given for proper illumination during the process.
Glass wool insulation for LHS and RHS wall to prevent it from heat losses.
Process time is short and quality is remarkable.
Reproducible and gentle process.
Controlled release of tablets, visually attractive, and taste masking.
Tablets can be coated with film or sugar too based on requirements.
Functional coating of tablets: Active ingredient can be applied in the tablet coating both as a film and as a sugar coating.
Well coated tablets for taste masking and to give protective layer along. Big particle that are impossible to use for fluid bed process like capsules, tablets, and large pellets can be quickly coated with this process.
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