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Government Is Planning To Reduce Import Of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials

Do you remembers few years back China closed all factories that were producing drug ingredients to reduce pollution inside air and water, Indian drug manufacturers have to suffer a lot due to this problem. Now, India encourages local manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials to a larger extent and decided to produce most of material in-house only.

This clearly states that government is forcing manufacturers to reduce import of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials in foreign market. Raw materials are necessary requirements for making drugs that are also termed as active intermediates or active pharmaceutical ingredients to manufacture bulk drugs.

Now importing raw materials to other countries has been limited to china and Israel only because importing raw materials from these two countries is cheaper option then buying them locally. Government has also presented one report to make it clear how it will support bulk drug manufacturers and suppliers in near future.

Role Of Govt
Government has also planned many incentives to strengthen the Drug Industry. It is sad that drug manufacturing industry is not in good shape today but it is expected that drug industry will transform to a better way soon. For this purpose, we all have to make good practices and importing Pharmaceutical Raw Materials from foreign countries should be banned completely.

India has sufficient potential to manufacture all of pharmaceutical raw material in house only. The only need is to identify that potential to take the better steps. The time will not be away when India will be first choice for Pharma active ingredients across India. Manufacturers have to make good research on price structure so that they can beat almost anybody.

The main reason why this project may fail in India like poor infrastructure, expensive land, lack of R & D team, and power utilities etc. So government needs to work on all of these parameters to manufacture most complex active intermediates across India.

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